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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

As per the last letter we sent out, you will find attached the list of survey questions that the steering committee is recommending that you ask your membership. As we said, each local should feel free to modify if needed.

Below is a link to a google.doc survey that Barbara Knab, Massapequa’s M-Tract Director, has put together. This is just one example of how the survey can be shared. This sample will collect all of our answers so we do not recommend that you use it for your local without changing the name or creating another one. She is also in the process of working on making it possible for the correct answers to appear after a member takes the survey to allow for instant feedback and to open the “correct” dialogue among our members.

Looking forward to Gurney’s!

In Unity,

Arthur and Tomia

Co-Chairs, NRO Political Paradigm Steering Committee

Link to Sample Survey:

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