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Dear Fellow TALI Activist,

We are sure you are overwhelmed right now; however, we need to send out-


1. Presidents, please contact, via email, Dave Adkins to receive the Activist List on spreadsheet.  It is a very useful tool in grouping your membership.  We will need it the closer we get to elections.  They have them prepared and it would be a shame not to request them.

Message from Dave:

“We are all set up to process any new requests quickly.  Please let your folks know to email me and ask for an Activist list.”

Dave Adkins
Director - Information Technology
New York State United Teachers
518.213.6000 x6220”  


2. Last week, John Coverdale sent out a “Save the Week” message to all Nassau Locals regarding the community out-reach education week that was planned by our sub-committee with some added suggestions from Carl Korn from NYSUT. It is understood that some of the activities will not be possible due to funds. That’s ok!  Just please do what you can. Attached is a suggested timeline that may help you organize your local for the week.  Please let us know in which activities your local will be able to participate. We want to publicize what efforts are being done. This will be our first major wide spread effort. Let’s show everyone what we can do!

·         As an FYI…if you are going to try to do the fireman breakfast, Massapequa is using the Farmingdale Applebee’s.  In case you are not aware, Applebee’s opens its doors on Sat. and Sun. mornings for organizations to have a flapjack breakfast at $3 a head for fundraising or community out-reach. You must guarantee them $300.00. They supply the food and morning beverages, you supply the wait staff, hosts and bus boys.  

·         Don’t forget to send Daphna - (you can also send via Frank - your membership numbers so that she can order the buttons once the message is set!

Please let us know if you need further clarification or assistance.

In Unity,
Tomia and Arthur

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