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Hi TALI Steering Committee,

Massapequa had our Firefighter appreciation breakfast today and although the turnout of firefighters was less than we would have liked, we had an amazing turnout of our members.  And many were members who have never worked with the union efforts before. All wore their shirts and buttons even though they knew that they would be face to face with our community. (see pictures) 

At the end, we had an impromptu union meeting.  I was able to talk directly with members who may or may not read my emails or show up at a general membership meeting.  Everyone loved the idea of the breakfast even though we had a small turnout so we brainstormed ideas on how to make this better the next time.  I took the opportunity to educate on the Tax Cap and other hot topics and to answer questions. I also shared a great deal of what TALI is all about and why it is so needed.  I even had the ear of one member who is writing his thesis on the negative impact of unions on public education. (yes, you read correctly; however, I've been told that he chose the topic because of the ease in finding material!)

So after Randi's giving us a shout out at the RA and having NEW (young and more experienced) involved members, I'm even more pumped. 

Some may think it is a perfect storm to bring us down-but I beg to differ-I see it as a perfect storm to make us stronger!

In revitalized unity,


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