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Good Morning TALI Activists,

As the school year comes to a close, we would like to remind you of three important “to do's” for TALI before we break for the summer.   


1.        If you have not already done so, please contact Dave Atkins at and request the TALI "activists list" so we can be ready to reach out to our members in specific congressional areas.

2.       Send a $25 check made out to TALI (from each local) to NYSUT , 1000 Woodbury Road, Suite 214, Woodbury, NY 10591 Attention Barbara Jaccoma.  This will allow us to keep and build upon our communication system. If you need a bill in order to process this payment, please email Steve Clements at 

3.       Please answer the following questions.  If there were no cuts or reductions, please include that. This information is vital for future conversations with our representatives and communities.  

a.       What positions (all employees) were cut in your District to create the 2012-2013 budget?

b.      What programs were cut or reduced in your District to create the 2012-2013 budget?

c.       If you did not sustain any cuts, did your District deplete its reserves to a dangerously low level?

d.      Did your local make concessions to save positions?   


We thank you in advance for following through with the above.  Please make note that the TALI Steering Committee will meet on July 18 at 2:00 at the Nassau Regional office.  

Hope your summer is whatever it needs to be.


In Unity,

Tomia and Arthur

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