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September 2012 Newsletter

Hey TALI Members!

Welcome back to September (August for many of us!) We hope that your school year is off to a great start.

Many of us met over the summer to get ready to take on the 2012-2013 school year and all the political nonsense that is sure to come with it.

*****Our new monthly message coordinators are Matt Woythaler –; Mike Renga – Thank you to them for getting more involved. Matt writes, “One of the most important messages that needs to go out to our membership is the exponential growth of venture capital in the field of education with the sole purpose of ultimately privatizing schools. If people want to know where all of these so called "reform" measures came from, all they need to do is follow the money! This article details this phenomenon quite succinctly, and I believe is a must read.”

Please share their first message with your members by passing along the link the following link:

Real quick info:
• TALI Steering Committee meetings
o September 13 from 4 to 7
o October 4 from 4 to 7
• TALI has applied for a Solidarity Grant from NYSUT to help us with our goals
• If you have not already submitted your $25 to help us all out, please send a check to Barbara Jaccoma at the regional office or have your representative bring it to the next steering committee meeting
• Gurney’s and Crest Hollow-Your president should have received notification from the regional office regarding the training sessions this year. There will be a TALI component. More details to follow.
• We are planning a Fall event and it looks like we might have an awesome speaker. More details to follow.
• ADOPT a LOCAL- If you have a relationship with a local that is not involved with TALI, reach out!
• Need a list of all of your members (the “Activist list”) in an Excel spreadsheet? Contact Dave Adkins ( and ask him for your local’s list.
• Encourage your members to sign up for Member Action Center with NYSUT
• Educate NY Now! has events in the works. We strongly encourage participation and will be trying to work together of many events
• Take a look!
Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools: 
by Joanne Barkan
To see an MSNBC interview with Barkan about this article, click here. For resources and further reading suggested by Barkan, click here. THE COST of K–12 public schooling in the United States com…

That’s it for now. We will keep you updated regarding the fall event as commitments come in.

In Unity,

Arthur and Tomia

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