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September 2012 Newsletter 2

(Printable version of this newsletter is attached to this email).


Hello TALI!


We had a great showing at our Sept. 13 steering committee meeting.  We had some lively discussions indicative of the times we are in.  Members and guests present were: Ed Vasta-Manhasset, Mike Dobler Bellmore Merrick, Ken Ulric ED 17, Tony Felicio Connectquot TA, Matthew Woythaler Carle Place, Ron Verderber Jericho, Steven Lagnena Suffolk RO, Judy Sandler Nassau RO, Stephen Clements Nassau RO, Mary Lee Corliss Nassau RO, Arthur Cooke Port Washington, Richard Haase Half Hollow Hills, Laurie DiMaina Bellmore, Matthew Rottino Glen Cove, Krista Beasley Levittown, Barbara Hafner West Hempstead, Diane Saunders Freeport, Nicole Brown Hempstead, Jen Evans-DiCrescio Westbury, Craig Barbieri Sewanaka, John Coverdale Nassau RO, Frank DeCelie Herricks, Ron Verdeber, Jericho, Tomia Smith-Massapequa

Last Spring, we as a group set goals for 2012-2013.  It was decided that we will first focus on the following three goals which deal with coalition building.   Please come prepared to share at our October 4 meeting.

  1. 100% PTA/SEPTA Membership: Your PTA Council President should have the percentage information for you.
  2. Community Coalition: Choose at least one community organization to begin building a coalition.
  3. In-District Coalitions: Arrange a meeting, luncheon, or dinner with all local presidents of other units in your district to build coalitions and to educate on the tax cap.

Monthly Solidarity Message:  The following video was posted on LIPC by Ron Verderber and is very much worth passing on to our members.

Congressman Tim Bishop in District 1 is in desperate need of our help.  Please reach out to your District 1 members face-to-face and stress the importance of supporting him. He has ALWAYS been a supporter of labor issues.  Inform ALL members of the need to spread the word in support of Tim Bishop.  LABOR WALK for CONGRESSMAN TIM BISHOP (District 1)Saturday, September 22nd @ 100-39 South Jersey Avenue, Setauket  9AM Watch for more Labor to Labor Walks to attend or contact Rebecca Mowl at to receive emails for AFL-CIO notifications.    We cannot afford to lose this friend in Congress!!!

ACTIVIST Lists from Dave Adkins: Due to the redistricting, these lists need to be updated.  Dave has said that they are ready to go once you request them. Email Dave at 

TALI encourages participation in all EducateNY Now Events: 
Like EducateNYNow on Facebook

Question regardin APPR:  Is your District sharing with your members their rating from the State on last year’s state assessments?  Please be prepared to share at our Oct. 3 meeting.


Update on Gurneys/Crest Hollow:  

TALI will not be meeting as a group at Gurneys in October.  If any of your members who are on the steering committee are attending other workshops, we ask that they join us and other steering committee members in attendance right after the end of Saturday morning’s workshops.   Together, we will have a working lunch.  In addition, we are making up postcards containing information regarding TALI to distribute, face-to-face, to conference attendees in order to heighten awareness and encourage unity in our efforts.  We will have the cards ready for you for Friday night’s meeting.  Please RSVP to Frank ( for anyone who will be joining us for lunch so that we can make the appropriate reservations. 

In January at the Crest Hollow, there is a Political Action Workshop H that would be beneficial for TALI members to attend.  We recommend sending no more than ONE person from your local to this workshop. 


Real Quick Info:


See you Oct. 4,

Arthur and Tomia

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